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          • Manufacturing Facility

            The state-of-the art equipment were imported from USA ,Germany,Switzerland,Finland and Italy, whith which it enables Benson to guarantee the precision and efficiency of the manufacturing high-quanlity products to customers.

          • Testing ficilities

            Benson is equipped with sets of advanced testing equipment in accordance with the ECE stanard of EU,DOT standard of US and GB9656 standard of China wich can make all tests related with mechanical, optical and enduring performance of auto glass.

          • R&D Center

            With advanced R&D technology and experienced technical people, Benson can independently design and amke various auto-glas molds including deep bending mould, Benson have already developed more than 10 thousand models and set up the detabase for ARG market. Besed on the samples , drawings or molds, Benson can develop customer requested products in a short time. Benson perform APQP procedure for OEM marketin order to ensure the development and constant supply of quality products.